Dr. Weiss’ Scoliologic® Clinic in Gensingen, Germany-Photos

Dr.Moramarco/Dr.Weiss at Scoliologic Clinic

Discussing the benefits Gensingen Brace

Dr. Moramarco with Scoliologic Patient

Copyright Pflaum, Munich, will be published in: HR Weiss: Befundgerechte Physiotherapie bei Skoliose, 3rd. edition 2010.

Scoliologic patient Germany

Copyright Pflaum, Munich, will be published in: HR Weiss: Befundgerechte Physiotherapie bei Skoliose, 3rd. edition 2010.

Dr. Weiss in his new Scoliologic facility Gensingen, Germany

Photo highlights of a very beneficial day with Dr. Weiss at his new facility in Gensingen. Germany. I arrived and went straight to the clinic. The work he is doing is impressive  and our discussions always enlightening. I’m very excited to be meeting his mother, Christa Lehnert-Schroth tomorrow. She tells me she is anxious to hear about my work with the Schroth method in the U.S.A. on an outpatient basis. I look forward to sharing my results and discussing the advancement of the conservative care of scoliosis.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Weiss’ Scoliologic® Clinic in Gensingen, Germany-Photos

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your question. Adolescents with moderate scoliosis who have gone thru our Schroth scoliosis program have achieved excellent results with spinal stabilization. With diligent practice, many have even achieved some curve reduction. If by “normal” you mean a perfectly straight spine, that is probably impossible with a moderate scoliosis. However, the Schroth Method offers those with scoliosis the chance at an improved postural appearance, halted curve progression, better vital capacity and other benefits. Your daughter may also benefit from the Chêneau Gensingen brace for improved postural appearance and curve management. Combined with our Schroth program and Best Practice® protocols adolescents have an excellent chance for improving scoliosis than ever before. Best of luck to your daughter and please get in touch for additional information on the treatment of scoliosis using the Schroth Method and the newest Chêneau brace.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My daughter is now 15 years old and she is 27and 32 degrees, would the Schroth method help her? If yes, how long it would take for it to be normal? Thanks.


  3. Yes. You are right, scoliosis can not be cured but there are numerous benefits to learning the Schroth method at any age. Improved lung function is at the top of the list. I will send you some research privately. Thanks for your inquiry and best of luck to your sister.

  4. Dear sir/madam
    my sister is suffering from scoliosis since the age of eight.Her spine is like an S .Now she is 50.I know it is very difficult to be cured but we would be happy if there could be a small improvement so that her lungs can function better.I am looking forward to your answer.

  5. Dear,

    I am 32 years old, I had a surgery for a scoliosis when I was 14. I have 2 long piece of metal from the C7 to L1.
    Could you let me know if scroth can be applied as I have already sugery?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Kind regards,


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