June 18, 2010

Last night we participated in a local wellness event at Elements – Therapeutic Massage, Andover. It was an opportunity to meet patients with chiropractic questions or with interest in Marc’s Schroth scoliosis program. He did screenings, preliminary examinations, some cold laser therapy, shared some of his German presentation, and we enjoyed meeting some really nice people.

One of my frustrations when trying to spread the word about the benefits of Schroth – and it happened again last night – is that people assume since Marc is a chiropractor he treats scoliosis via manipulation. Just to clarify: the Schroth Method has nothing to do with chiropractic manipulation.

This type of event provides the opportunity to make valuable connections with other holistic practitioners constantly seeking answers. The energy and enthusiasm regarding patient results when alternative practitioners converge is truly exhilarating. I enjoyed hearing about others’ experiences with scoliosis patients, as well as their other health related success stories. The naturopathic physician we met incorporates essential oils into her practice. She listened intently when I shared our family’s own experience with essential oils and scoliosis. The bottom line is this, when caring professionals collaborate for the good of the patient, everyone wins.

My good friend, Mary McAlary, of New Day One Life Nutrition, was there to share details of her nutritional counseling program. Mary has MS, but you’d never know it since she and I walk at least twenty miles weekly. She has turned her own life around via holistic eating and now helps others do the same – with incredible results. If scoliosis could be addressed nutritionally, Mary would have it figured out. She is a fabulous resource and I pick her brain constantly.

We also re-connected with old friend Cindy Mattingly, an OT. Cindy utilizes craniosacral therapy. We are eager to work with her to pursue its potential as a beneficial adjunct to Schroth. Stay tuned.

Thank you to Cheryl Arbia of Elements, Andover for inviting us to participate. We are now motivated to plan a future event like this in our Woburn office.

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