May 5, 2016

We can tell you all day long about the superiority of the Gensingen Brace (GBW), in comparison to all other types of scoliosis braces, including other types of Cheneau braces. As time goes on, we see more and more patients with all types of scoliosis braces, including people who contact us that are dissatisfied with other types of Cheneau braces. We can unequivocally state that not all Cheneau braces are created equal.

At our first bracing course, we taught three experienced orthotists about the Gensingen brace system. It was clear to see how impressed they were with our scoliosis brace, the in-brace corrections it provides for patients, and the level of customization of every Gensingen brace.

We can say without hesitation that the Gensingen brace® is the gold-standard in scoliosis bracing because it offers growing adolescent patients the potential for Cobb angle and postural improvements. Each of our asymmetric braces is designed & manufactured via CAD-CAM (computer-aided-design/manufacture) – not casted or by hand.

This is important because casting subjects each brace to error and can influence the size and shape of the brace. Alternatively, CAD-CAM allows for standardization from an immense library of braces by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss of Germany. Each is created according to Augmented Lehnert-Schroth classifications based on scoliosis curve pattern. Finally, individualization, in terms of size and shape, translates to significantly improved comfort and easier wearability. Don’t just take our word for it though, because, as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” demonstrating our statement that not all Cheneau braces are created equal.

Cheneau brace are not all the same

Cheneau braces differ in size, shape and effect

Prior to her first visit to Scoliosis 3DC®, the patient pictured was initially measured at a Massachusetts hospital that provides scoliosis braces for children. She received their brace-maker’s interpretation of a Chêneau brace (center photo). Around the same time, the girl and her family traveled to see us here at Scoliosis 3DC® and meet Dr. Moramarco to learn more about our Schroth scoliosis exercise program. On that visit they learned about one of our weapons against scoliosis – the Cheneau Gensingen Brace®.

However, the first brace had already been ordered, so they returned to the initial facility so their daughter could be fitted in the hospital’s version of a Chêneau brace (center). The patient wore that first Chêneau brace (center) for about a month but couldn’t tolerate it very well. From our perspective, it is apparent that the brace (center), from the other facility, does not correct her spine and certainly not the way an optimally-made Chêneau brace is meant to.

Her new brace (right) is a Cheneau Gensingen Brace® made at Scoliosis 3DC®. The differences are easy to see, even for the untrained eye. While each brace has the same color (transfer paper design), it’s clear to see the size difference, between the other Chêneau Brace (center) and the Gensingen Brace® (right).

Cheneau brace Massachusetts
In addition to being a more effective brace, the Gensingen brace® also has less material, making it more wearable and easier to conceal.

The Gensingen brace’s smaller size makes it easier to conceal – contributing to improved compliance. Notice how the Gensingen Brace® (second and fourth images) helps create an improved sagittal profile (side view) and induces a mirror image of the asymmetric body. This is essential for postural improvement with scoliosis and a characteristic that seems to be elusive for some other styles of scoliosis braces!

When it comes to successful conservative scoliosis management, results and outcome trump everything else. In comparison to all other braces, the Gensingen brace® consistently provides improved outcomes because of its excellent in-brace corrections. This is because it strives for overcorrection– the key to potentially attaining some degree of curve reduction, even for severe curves.

The Gensingen brace is custom-designed to be more effective. Curve reduction is possible with the Gensingen Brace® because each brace is truly a 3D brace. Each is designed to target scoliosis in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. The focus is on improving rotation and trunk asymmetries. Each brace incorporates strategically positioned voids (openings) to allow for Schroth corrective breathing. Don’t be fooled however, just because a brace happens to have openings does not necessarily make a brace a good brace. It’s clear to see that in photo comparisons.

The Gensingen brace is only available through a limited number of practitioners in North America–we are expanding our network, albeit slowly, because we want to the right practitioners involved. It’s our philosophy that kids who must wear scoliosis braces deserve the best brace possible brace for their curve(s) since opportunity for improvement is fleeting.

As you may have gathered, waiting too long to brace and/or having the wrong brace can and will impact results. This will have a cost in terms of curve progression or may result in a missed opportunity to effect change! The photos here clearly show that not all Chêneau braces are created equal. Choose your child’s scoliosis brace with care!

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