Scoliosis 3DC Team

schroth therapist, amy heller

Amy Heller OTR/L is one of our Schroth Best Practice® certified practitioners. Amy and Dr. Marc’s relationship goes back to her adolescent years when he treated her as a chiropractic patient. She then worked with him at the beginning of his scoliosis journey before earning a degree in occupational therapy at Quinnipiac University. She worked for several years focusing on children with motor delays/challenges, sensory processing difficulties, and developmental disabilities (including Down syndrome and autism spectrum). In 2013, she joined Scoliosis 3DC and was certified in Schroth Best Practice®. 

An effective and caring teacher of Schroth, she is as passionate as Dr. Marc is about our mission. During brace fittings, she works diligently to make sure patients are comfortable and does an excellent job of educating families about brace wear and what to expect. As one mom so aptly stated, “Amy is so sweet and just the right amount of tough.”


schroth therapist, kim kruzel


Kim Kruzel OTR/L 
gained Schroth Best Practice® certification after many hours of Schroth method study and extensive hands-on training alongside Dr. Marc and Amy. Kim is the perfect complement to our team for several reasons, including her experience working in orthopedics and mental health, her affinity for working with children and adolescents, and her overall holistic/biopsychosocial approach to medicine. Kim is a native of western Massachusetts who earned her degrees in occupational therapy from Springfield College. She is a registered yoga teacher and has special interests in fitness and pain management.





Maja joined our team in 2014 after completing our scoliosis program. Her understanding of Schroth concepts makes her an invaluable resource. For this reason, she is our point person for patient communications and scheduling. She is a caring, calming voice and committed to raising awareness for evidence-based nonsurgical scoliosis treatments. Maja is knowledgeable about scoliosis research and has contributed to several research projects and presentations. She creates content for our website and social media platforms and is a graduate of Boston University just like Dr. Marc and Kathy.




Kathy knows exactly how it feels to be a parent of a child suddenly diagnosed with scoliosis. Because of their journey, Kathy is as passionate as Dr. Marc about the benefits of Schroth-based treatment. She is an advocate for patients and parents affected by scoliosis and wears many hats at Scoliosis 3DC. On any given day she may be a blogger, researcher, webmaster, problem solver and/or social media contributor. Kathy & Maja work closely together to help facilitate your visits. Over the years, she has contributed to several publications including Schroth Therapy: Advancements in Conservative Scoliosis Treatment.




has worked in the healthcare field for many years. She is organized, efficient, a quick learner, and perpetually on top of things. Colleen is the go-to person for x-ray orders, patient data and support documentation. She can also answer any of your questions regarding payment policies and insurance. She works to help Dr. Marc and Amy behind the scenes so that every element of your program goes smoothly. If you opt for the Chêneau-Gensingen brace, you may meet her at your initial brace measure as she is our 3D scan expert. As a Woburn local she can also help with recommendations during your stay.




has been by Dr. Marc’s side for more than twenty years. She is warm, nurturing, and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Her classic Boston accent is easily recognizable when you call our office. She’s here early most days, and will always go out of the way to help patients and families with anything they may need. Her enthusiasm for our program makes her a great cheerleader for our patients, both young and old.