March 30, 2015

This sad announcement comes with permission from our dear friend Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss:

Frau Christa, as we knew her, lived a simple, yet impactful life in the beautiful German countryside she loved. She grew up, the daughter of Katharina Schroth, helping those with scoliosis from her childhood years until just days before her death. She was a warm and energetic woman and so passionate about her life’s work and helping others.

She dedicated her entire life to help improve the lives of those with scoliosis. She worked tirelessly to refine the methods created by her mother and expanding the inpatient facilities in Bad Sobernheim. In her later years, her focus shifted to spreading the Schroth method worldwide and she was always available to encourage and guide the education of new practitioners.

We are eternally grateful for her lifetime of work and dedication, personally and professionally. If it were not for her contributions to the nonsurgical treatment of scoliosis we would not have been able to help our own child, and now others. The method she worked to endure offers hope and empowerment, the importance of which cannot be overlooked.

She will be missed, but despite her sudden death, her family’s lasting legacy continues through the good work of her son, Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss.

Marc with Christa Lehnert-Schroth at Schroth Museum
Christa Lehnert Schroth and Kathy Moramarco

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