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Scoliosis 3DC is a one-stop, international destination for conservative scoliosis treatment. We offer effective Schroth method programs and the Cheneau- Gensingen® brace for patients of all ages and Cobb angles. 

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Schroth Method comes to the US:

While searching for a nonsurgical treatment alternative for scoliosis surgery for his daughter, Dr. Marc Moramarco discovered the existence of the Schroth Method in 2001. The father/daughter team used the 3D treatment for scoliosis to improve her posture and reduce her Cobb angles.

Upon seeing the potential of the Schroth method, his passionate journey to bring it from Europe to the U.S. began. In 2007, ‘Dr. Marc’ became the first U.S. physician to be certified in the Schroth Method at the Katharina Schroth Clinic in Germany. He returned to the US and immediately established Scoliosis 3DC℠, near Boston.

His extensive experience with the method (now more than 17 years) makes him America’s most knowledgeable Schroth expert. He and his team pride themselves on offering the highest quality conservative scoliosis treatments via Schroth instruction and/or bracing for adolescents and adults with scoliosis.

Cutting-edge Scoliosis Treatment

Dr. Marc’s ongoing professional relationship with Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss–3rd generation Schroth family–put Dr. Moramarco on the ground floor of cutting-edge improvements recently made to the nearly 100-year-old method. This allows him to deliver the highest quality non-surgical care for adolescents with scoliosis at a time when optimal management is critical.

Schroth Best Practice®, is still the Schroth method but with substantial advantages and shortcuts for patients. Each pattern-specific-scoliosis-specific-exercise (PSSR) program is one-on-one and custom-designed according to curve pattern and curve severity.

At Scoliosis 3DC, patients can also opt for the Gensingen Brace® –either alone, or in conjunction with one-on-one Schroth instruction.

Each scoliosis brace is designed in Germany and produced in the USA. When patients are from out-of-state, or in-need of bracing quickly we measure and begin the first brace fitting within 24 hours. Each of our Chêneau braces is 100% Schroth method compatible and patients tell us it’s easier to wear than traditional scoliosis braces.

For adolescents, the Gensingen brace® offers the potential for improvement of Cobb angle and improved postural appearance whether the scoliosis is mild and progressing, moderate or severe. The goals of our Chêneau brace for adults with scoliosis is spinal support, stability and reduced pain.

Why choose Scoliosis 3DC℠?

Choose us for our experience, educational focus, Schroth intensives, and  the option for the best scoliosis brace available! Our short yet comprehensive programs are action-packed and engaging. We impart the skills needed to manage scoliosis to enable and empower each patient in a positive, proactive, and professional, but fun, manner.

Since our inception most of the kids we’ve taught have helped prove that  our techniques for managing scoliosis are the ones that work! Some of those kids have also shown that the earlier the right interventions for scoliosis are applied, the better the result. It’s why our tagline is “don’t wait and see”!

For more advanced cases, our scoliosis care means patients have effective non-surgical options, delivered by a caring team.

When scoliosis is progressing (greater than a 5º change in Cobb angle), taking the right steps to stop or improve scoliosis is critical.

Scoliosis 3DC℠ programs are designed to offer our patients a critical advantage that has the potential to make a big difference in the lives of adolescents and adults with scoliosis.

Find out more about treatment goals, patient results, our Schroth programs for adolescents, adults, post-surgical, and Scheuermann’s kyphosis and why our patients are proving that the Gensingen brace® is the best scoliosis brace!

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