Dr. Marc Moramarco introduced the Schroth Method in the U.S. as a result of what he learned about conservative scoliosis treatment during his personal scoliosis journey to help his own daughter. In 2013, he introduced the Gensingen scoliosis brace, a Cheneau-style, true Schroth brace. He did this so patients could have the best opportunity for scoliosis improvement and a better quality of life.

Our Schroth Program

The intensive Schroth immersion program offered at Scoliosis 3DC℠ is the culmination of more than thirteen years of clinical work with the nuanced techniques necessary to stabilize or improve scoliosis. Dr. Marc and Amy Heller are skilled and compassionate teachers whose unwavering commitment to providing the best conservative scoliosis treatment for each patient is second to none.

Schroth method practitioners Amy Heller and Marc Moramarco

Schroth Best Practice® practitioners: Dr. Marc Moramarco and Amy Heller OTR/L

Each program begins with education about an individual’s unique spinal curve pattern. This is because a patient must have a complete understanding of their curve or they won’t fully understand the concepts taught during their customized program. Multi-faceted postural rehabilitation techniques are introduced and impart lifelong skills so patients can confidently and independently work to stabilize their scoliosis, improve vital capacity, avoid progression, manage pain and for learn how to avoid surgery.

Since program inception, nearly every adolescent with idiopathic scoliosis consistently integrating our methods over time has successfully stopped scoliosis progression. Many have reduced cobb angle, some substantially. Results depend upon factors that vary from child to child.

Whether the patient is an adolescent or an adult, postural improvement is another reasonable expectation after patients incorporate their scoliosis exercises into daily life.

In the past decade, we’ve listened as patients and parents have shared their frustrations and fears. Dr. Marc and Amy understand those fears. Our team will will work tirelessly to address and alleviate any and all of your concerns.

Our mission is to empower patients, and their parents, and to eliminate feelings of victimization or helplessness. This is accomplished by providing patients with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to actively manage scoliosis on a daily basis.

We invite you to browse our website for more in-depth information and to learn more about the updated Schroth approach we use to help patients.

We are the only US or Canadian facility to offer the newest innovations to Schroth exercise and bracing from Germany at one location. We offer patients the opportunity to complete a comprehensive scoliosis program and brace in only five or six days.

If you are discouraged by the lack of effective, proactive treatments for scoliosis and the insistence that there is nothing patients can do to help themselves, please check out our results page or visit us on Facebook to see how our patients are achieving results that many spinal surgeons say are impossible!

The entire Scoliosis 3DC℠ team is enthusiastic and excited about the potential of our Schroth Method program for each of our patients. We look forward to showing you, or your child, how to navigate scoliosis as easily and successfully as possible. Please browse around our website for more in-depth information or call us to learn more.

The Scoliosis 3DC team,

Dr. Marc, Amy, Kathy, Maja, Jeannine, Colleen & Sonia