• 11.5 year-old female
  • Initial Cobb angle(s) 12°/23°
  • Risser 0

JP was first diagnosed with a mild lumbar scoliosis (measuring 23°) at age eleven. At the time, her Risser score was 0 and she was at high risk for progression. Local practitioners from her home state of Rhode Island recommended a Providence brace but her parents were interested in learning more about other treatment options and ended up bringing her to Scoliosis 3DC instead.

As we previously discussed on our site, bracing recommendations can vary when scoliosis reaches the higher end of the mild category. Given that JP had significant growth potential ahead of her and she was in the middle of a growth spurt, Dr. Moramarco outlined a conservative treatment approach. JP completed a 12-hour Schroth program (patients with more moderate/severe scoliosis typically do a 17-hour program) and was fit with a Cheneau-Gensingen brace.

Given her relatively close proximity to Massachusetts, JP follows up in our office about every 2 months or so. At one of her recent check-ins, Dr. Moramarco determined that she had started outgrowing her brace. Prior to being fit with a second Cheneau-Gensingen brace, JP had a new x-ray taken (24 hours out of brace). This is a standard practice so that the brace can be designed according to curve pattern and account for any changes in the x-ray. Luckily for JP, her x-ray showed a wonderful change!

Nine months since starting treatment, her primary Cobb angle is down 8° and now measures only 15° – a very mild lumbar scoliosis! The proactive approach that JP’s parents took shows just how important it is to act fast when a mild scoliosis is first diagnosed. While she still has a lot of growth remaining (now Risser 1 out of 5), we are optimistic that JP will have a great outcome if she stays the course!

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