• 9-year-old female
  • Initial Cobb angles 46º/28º
  • Risser 0

Despite chronic lung issues from an early age that are complicated by juvenile scoliosis, this young patient keeps up amazingly well with other kids her age. According to one doctor’s report, lung restrictions occurring just prior to her becoming a patient at Scoliosis 3DC® were “almost certainly related to the scoliosis.” In just one year, this patient’s scoliosis had progressed from 28° to 46°. Obviously, her parents were quite concerned.

In addition to a team of pediatric orthopedic physicians and pulmonary doctors, they sought Dr. Moramarco’s help to provide a Cheneau-Gensingen brace for their daughter and comanage her case. Based on our experience, the Cheneau-Gensingen brace is a less restrictive scoliosis brace for patients with breathing difficulties/lung complications.

Over the past two years, since first starting treatment at Scoliosis 3DC®, this young patient has been fit with 3 Chêneau-Gensingen braces due to growth. Throughout that time, her curve has not only remained stable but steadily improved with each follow-up x-ray. Her most recent out-of-brace x-ray (taken 24 hours out of brace, at an independent facility) showed Cobb angles of 16º and 18º – quite a substantial curve reduction! Her first ATR (angular trunk rotation) measurement in our office was 17º and it’s now 4º. MN is still a Risser 0 and has a lot of growth ahead of her, but with consistent brace wear and close monitoring we expect this active young girl to continue to do well!

What Scoliosis 3DC® Patients Are Saying

Toned & Stronger Core

“Wow it is so encouraging for all of us…This is exactly what we see in her – much more toned and stronger core.” Read More