“Our family couldn’t say enough positive words to describe our experience and the knowledge of everyone at Scoliosis3DC. This is one of the few examples that I have had the privilege of being a part of in my life where everyone in the office contributes to the excellence of the result. Each time we visit, email or speak with them, our whole family is moved by the knowledge, patience and caring of everyone on staff. Previous to finding Scoliosis3DC, we were told that our older daughter must have surgery and were told that they would not brace her because with curves in the 60’s, it wouldn’t have any positive result and it would be too painful for her. The overall attitude and environment of our journey with scoliosis prior to Scoliosis3DC was very limiting and dark. Once I got up the courage to call, Kathy spent at least 45 minutes talking to me and educating me. Unlike our other experiences, Kathy answered every question that I asked and treated me like a peer, respecting each question that I raised. Our daughter is braced and has incorporated Schroth into her daily life as Dr. Marc and Amy have taught her. We have seen great results and are really only at the beginning of our journey. After only a few weeks in brace, our daughter’s rotation was cut in half. Her in brace xray two days after bracing showed the degrees of her curves cut in half. We are absolutely thrilled as we had been told that bracing would do nothing for her. At their office you will meet other inspirational people who are thriving. It is the absolute antithesis of the bleak, painful existence that had been portrayed prior to arriving at Scoliosis3DC. They are absolutely worth any trip you need to make in order to go to their bootcamp and be braced. Our family will be forever grateful and to be part of this amazing community.”

What Scoliosis 3DC® Patients Are Saying

Cosmetic & Breathing Improvements

“He made the sessions enjoyable and I always looked forward to the next session. His ongoing support and determination made me enjoy my treatments and believe that I could really make a difference in my condition.” Read More