May 11, 2011

We are always thrilled when patients call with news that a curve has reduced. An email that came last night provided the necessary push to reinforce the message of the benefits of curve pattern specific scoliosis exercises and activities of daily living instruction early on. Early intervention, rather than wait and see for scoliosis, gives your child the best chance of making a positive change.

wait and see for scoliosis
Wait and see for scoliosis is a do-nothing approach rather than a proactive method.

R’s mom had been a post-surgical patient at Scoliosis 3DC and was happy with the pain relief achieved after learning the Schroth Method. When her son began to show signs of a mild curve, she immediately contacted us to bring the nine-year-old to Boston so he could learn ways to try and help halt his 11º curve from progressing.

R’s mom reacted fast because she knew R. was at high risk of progression due to family history and his young age. She had experienced bracing and surgery as an adolescent with ensuing pain related to her scoliosis after surgery. It is only natural she wanted to spare her child from the difficulties she had endured.

R’s mom joyfully reported yesterday that R’s follow up x-rays showed a STRAIGHT spine! She wrote that if she had not seen the x-rays with her own eyes she would not have believed it!

His results really underscore the importance of the tag line in our Scoliosis 3DC logo ”Not Wait and See.” I would venture to say today she is ecstatic she reacted quickly rather than taking the approach of wait and see for scoliosis. What a wonderful belated Mother’s Day Present!

R is a great kid. His results speak for themselves and we are so happy for him and his family. Their experiences can be added to the list of those that illustrate the benefits of scoliosis exercise.

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