Comparing Scoliosis Braces Which scoliosis brace is best? Read below to see how the Cheneau-Gensingen brace compares to other popular braces. Download comparison chart (PDF) Boston Brace vs. Gensingen Brace Chêneau Gensingen vs. Other Chêneau Braces For more information regarding the differences between Chêneau Braces, read our blog “Not All Cheneau Braces are Created Equal.” Read More

“Scoliosis resolved” – those are not our words, but a direct quote from the report from a radiologist at a local hospital regarding one of our patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). We are thrilled with this incredible result and to read this radiology report for a very hard-working thirteen year old. She has achieved a result spinal surgeons consider… Read More

If you’ve been on our website before, you know that we offer intensive Schroth Best Practice® programs for children and adults with scoliosis. Our Schroth Best Practice® program consists of 5 parts – Schroth/Power Schroth exercises, 3D Made Easy®, physio-logic® exercises, mobilizations, and ADL training. You may be wondering what is ADL training for scoliosis, and why is it… Read More

Scoliosis surgeons have claimed for years, and most still do, that it is impossible to correct scoliosis without surgery. We are happy to report another one of our young patients is proving the doctors wrong again – this time in a very big way! D. came to Scoliosis 3DC in September 2014, six months after being diagnosed with… Read More

Our primary focus, for both adolescents with scoliosis as well as adults is to reduce the likelihood of scoliosis progression. We manage scoliosis management via Schroth Therapy. Our primary focus for our patients, both adults is halted progression, for adolescents (AIS) we strive for curve reduction when possible. Fortunately, we have had incredible results with our patients… Read More

The old adage, “A picture is worth 1000 words,” applies to today’s post which asks the question, Can a Heel Lift Help Scoliosis? A heel lift is often used when there is a leg length discrepancy. The x-ray comparison shown is of the same girl’s spine taken only seven weeks apart. The image, left, was… Read More

We frequently get calls from prospective patients who tried other non-surgical conservative scoliosis treatment options and have been disappointed. We have created this chart to show how our Schroth Best Practice® program compares to other programs. *As reported by our patients who have tried various other methods. ? – Programs vary; inquire with provider. When considering a… Read More

What is scoliosis progression? A progressive scoliosis is a spinal curvature that increases more than 5º in Cobb angle within 6 months as measured on the AP/PA view of a full spine x-ray. There is no foolproof way for physicians to determine whether scoliosis will get worse after a diagnosis, predict whose scoliosis will progress and… Read More

Does Schroth Work? S.R. – 12/9/13 Final Project, ICSM When I was fourteen years old, I was diagnosed with a “moderate” case of Idiopathic Scoliosis.  The path I was about to venture on would open my eyes to the variations in the level and manner of care provided by doctors.  My experience took me from the… Read More

What Scoliosis 3DC Patients Are Saying

Continues to Help Every Day

“I came to see Marc about a year and a half ago to learn the Schroth Method. It continues to help me every day, and I’m SO glad I had the opportunity to work with him.” Read More

Best Experience I’ve Had

“Working with Dr. Marc was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had with a doctor. I love going there, and doing Schroth improved my scoliosis from 25 degrees in August 2011, to 17 degrees in November the same year. Who can argue with that?” Read More

Cosmetic & Breathing Improvements

“He made the sessions enjoyable and I always looked forward to the next session. His ongoing support and determination made me enjoy my treatments and believe that I could really make a difference in my condition.” Read More