January 30, 2013

I expect all of my patients do well. In fact, short of practicing, I do everything in my power to see that patients have a successful outcome. Last week, two patients reported results and confirmed my excitement for the Schroth Method and Best Practice techniques that I teach provided noteworthy results.

First, B came in for a follow-up session with her mom and brought updated x-rays. It seems she has set a record for how fast a change can occur! She reduced her right thoracic curvature by 12º and her thoracolumbar curve by 7º. She started the program the last week of November, 2012, and finished in mid-December – a very fast, positive outcome!

Throughout the previous year, B had trouble tolerating her brace and was progressing steadily. She has been a great Schroth Method student, compliant with  mobilizations, scoliosis ADL’s, Physiologic®, the 3-D Made Easy® scoliosis exercises, and her prescribed Schroth Method program.

What’s exciting is that B. is not fully grown – a Risser 3 – and probably has the potential to continue reducing her scoliosis if she stays diligent about her program and her scoliosis ADL’s – very important!

A day or two later, I got a euphoric email from California. O. was here in August. Her mom sent her follow-up images taken that afternoon. O. reduced her right thoracic spinal curvature by 9º since her visit to Boston for our program. Her mom said,

“We were so thrilled by this news! We have been doing the Schroth exercises nightly. O is even more motivated to continue with the exercises in the future now. “

Results are very motivating. Not just for patients, we get pumped up too!

I am glad O has achieved such a terrific result and is inspired to continue with the Schroth Method exercises and Best Practice Program. What’s notable about her case is that O is now 5’6”.  Her records indicate 2 1/2”of growth since her August treatment program. Her gain in height makes her results even more impressive since scoliosis progression is most likely to occur during growth spurts. (1 & 2)

Keep up the good work girls. Your hard work will help change the world for other kids. You are showing families coping with a scoliosis diagnosis that there is hope and that reducing scoliosis is possible during adolescence.

1. Winter RB: Natural History of Spinal Deformity. In: Lonstein J, Bradford D, Winter R, Ogilvie J: Moe’s Textbook of Scoliosis and Other Spinal Deformities. WB Saunders, Philadelphia; 1995, S 87-94

2. Goldberg CJ, Moore DP, Fogarty EE, Dowling FE: Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: natural history and prognosis. Stud Health Technol Inform 2002, 91:59-63.

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