October 18, 2017

It’s been a busy fall here at Scoliosis 3DC. In addition to the normal patient load and fitting many scoliosis braces, Dr. Moramarco and Amy Heller, OTR/L also took a few days break from patients to hold a Schroth course to train the next generation of Schroth Best Practice therapists. Practitioners attending the training included a chiropractor, an osteopath and two physical therapists from Texas, Montreal, Philadelphia and the island of Barbados. At Scoliosis 3DC, our Schroth courses have a limited amount of attendees, in order to maximize impact and for improved understanding of course content.

Although we are a patient-centered practice, training others in the recent Schroth updates is so important so that more patients can access the benefits of Schroth Best Practice. Course attendees were schooled in conservative scoliosis management techniques including current evidence in scoliosis treatment, diagnosis, Risser sign, Cobb angle measurement, and Schroth method classifications. The importance of patient education was stressed and there was also a brief introduction to Schroth bracing.

Each participant at our Schroth course learned the most advanced techniques used during the five-part Schroth Best Practice program we use here at Scoliosis 3DC. These include the all-important scoliosis-specific ADLs, spinal mobilizations, physio-logic® exercises for the sagittal plane, 3D Made Easy, and Schroth exercises. All in all it was an intensive five days of lectures, plenty of hands-on patient instruction, and Q & As. Aside from attempting to positively influence Cobb angle, other goals of the Schroth method include improved postural appearance, vital capacity and chest-expansion, reduced spinal rotation and reduction of scoliosis-related pain.

Dr. Moramarco and Amy Heller, OTR/L are the only Schroth Best Practice® Instructors in North America. Dr. Moramarco is also the distributor of the Cheneau-Gensingen brace in North America. For information about upcoming Schroth Best Practice® courses, please check https://schrothbestpractice.com/courses/.

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