best shirt to wear under a scoliosis braceParents and our braced patients are always searching for the best shirt to wear under a scoliosis brace. We offer our patients extensive instructions regarding scoliosis bracing, and the brace undershirt is no exception. However, we find that moms (and dads) usually want to be prepared and have a shirt or two with them when bringing their kids to be fit in their Chêneau-Gensingen brace. 

For our patients, we always recommend an undershirt or tank top to wear underneath the scoliosis brace. The fit should be snug and without wrinkles. Seamless shirts are preferred but when that’s not possible we advise turning the shirt inside out so that the smooth side faces the body. 

We find that patients usually prefer brace shirts that are a blend of cotton or bamboo (more breathable) and spandex which allows for some stretch (give and take). Some patients find that shirts that are 100% cotton tend to stretch out and may bunch up under the brace by the end of the day. 

The bottom line is that what’s right for one person may not be right for another. It really comes down to personal preference, so the quest for the perfect scoliosis brace shirt continues. 

When looking for the best shirt to wear under a scoliosis brace, terms you may want to research are seamless, anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial.  

The following links will help to get you started in your search. They are in no special order. It’s been our experience that links to retail items can and do change frequently, so they become broken in time. You may need to perform your own search if that happens.

Cotton shirts are of course everywhere, and most have seams, but some people choose to do the inside-out trick under the brace. In general, if your child wants all cotton and doesn’t care about seams, a very reasonable option is Primark. Unfortunately, Primark does not yet offer online ordering so if you don’t have one in your area, you could also check out the Gap and their modern v-neck and crew neck t-shirt. Both are breathable. Recently patients have been singing the praises of the cotton t-shirts sold at Target, too. 

A patient who came to us to learn the Schroth method, previously braced elsewhere, did a very useful review entitled “What to wear under your scoliosis brace” on her personal blog. To get her insights, click here:

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