When it came time for Scoliosis 3DC patient, Claire Marshall, to choose a topic for her Girl Scout Gold Star Award, she knew she wanted to create videos to raise awareness for scoliosis and share what she had learned on her personal journey with the condition.

Claire came to Boston from southern California for our Schroth Method program and Cheneau 3D scoliosis brace in November 2016. She was 14-years-old and nearly at bone maturity.

A couple of years later, Claire, had been compliant with her brace wear and doing well. She’d seen Dr. Marc regularly when he visited California to check-in on patients there. Claire, an accomplished, lifelong Girl Scout, wanted to pursue the Gold Award – an achievement earned by less than 6% of Girl Scouts annually.

Claire asked Dr. Marc to serve as one of her advisors on the project. She knew that many families of kids with scoliosis are unaware that taking proactive steps and choosing the right brace can help to mitigate scoliosis and improve posture. Claire worked diligently and independently. In fact, she really didn’t need much advising–a testament to what a great student she had been while here in Boston for her Schroth program. 

Ultimately, Claire created four videos for her Gold Award highlighting her experience with scoliosis. Her video series is entitled, “Let’s Get This Straight.” In our opinion, one of the best features of this video series is Claire’s positivity and enthusiasm! She’s a talented actress and her natural style in front of the camera is evident.

In one video Claire shares her personal scoliosis story. Another, reveals elements of her customized program that she found most helpful. She goes on to add a few tips about brace wear, such as which shirt she likes to wear under her brace. Claire also features some of the ADLs (activities of daily living) she learned. Another video features an interview with Claire’s mom. Her mother articulates many of the feelings of confusion that many parents express when they first learn their child has scoliosis. We think many scoli-parents will relate to her statements. If you are new to scoliosis, it will be worthwhile to watch the interview to learn if your way of thinking is aligned with hers. If it is, our immersion program and Cheneau-style scoliosis brace may be a fit for your child. 

Claire’s local Girl Scout advisor recently suggested she try to get as much exposure as possible for her videos. In order to help, we are sharing her story and this link to the scoliosis videos on Claire’s personal website. Please check them out and send the link to anyone you think they may help! If you are on a scoliosis forum or network where you connect with others who may have interest, please share! Hopefully, Claire’s message will resonate and you’ll be supporting her in her mission to raise awareness for scoliosis. The proactive steps that helped her may help another child or family. Claire’s videos are also posted on the Scoliosis 3DC YouTube Channel.

Finally, thanks to Claire and her mom for their upbeat messaging and complimentary words about their experience. It’s our goal to ensure that every family who puts their trust in us is as pleased as they are. Go Claire go!

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