Schroth Therapy

The most comprehensive, efficient Schroth therapy program in the U.S. or Canada:

Our one-to-one Schroth program for scoliosis includes:

  • A comprehensive scoliosis education and an anatomy lesson as is pertains to YOUR or your child’s spine
  • Curve-pattern-specific activities of daily living (ADLs) for each individual
  • Extensive photos, labeled for understanding and comparison
  • A custom DVD of your (or your child’s) entire scoliosis program including mobilizations, ADLs, Physiologic®, 3-D Made Easy®, and Schroth Method exercises
  • Custom scoliosis exercise checklist based on each patient’s curvature
  • Detailed and comprehensive instructions for each Schroth Method exercise prescribed
  • Mobilizations – taught to family members for help at home
  • Scoliosis workbook
  • The option for a Cheneau-Gensingen® brace, a custom scoliosis brace designed in Germany and delivered within 24 –36 hours for the first fitting; or referrals to the top U.S. orthotists
  • Skype or FaceTime follow-ups for out-of-state or out-of-country patients
  • Access – we are available to coach you through scoliosis, now and in the future

Physiologic® & 3-D Made Easy® by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss: essential components of the Schroth Method for optimal outcomes and only available with Schroth Best Practice®

These effective enhancements to the Schroth method are available at limited locations in the U.S. They are one reason our scoliosis therapy program and back school is the most comprehensive and thorough in the United States and patient’s travel from all over the globe for our Schroth Method intensive programs. Our innovative techniques are not just supplemental to traditional Schroth Method exercises, but absolutely necessary load-altering protocols that can potentially make a significant difference in patient outcomes in the short and long term.

Schroth Method Therapy and Bracing:

Dr. Moramarco is familiar with nearly every type of scoliosis brace.  Over the past several years, patients have come to Scoliosis 3DC℠ from near and far with different braces.

As a result, he jumped at the chance to introduce the Chêneau-Gensingen® brace in the U.S. in 2013. Patient results have improved significantly using our two-pronged Schroth therapy approach and the Dr. Weiss’s Chêneau Brace. Learn more how you can improve your child’s chances for an improved outcome using Schroth therapy and the Gensingen Brace: two powerful weapons against scoliosis.

As a point of fact, the Schroth Method and the SpineCor® Brace are not compatible. Dr. Moramarco, is not an advocate of soft braces for scoliosis. The principles behind the SpineCor® Brace and Schroth exercises are not the same, although there are those who are marketing SpineCor who would have you believe otherwise. If  your practitioner is offering two competing methods of managing scoliosis, then you may want to stop and ask why. What does that tell you? The difference between Schroth and SpineCor® is that Schroth is about elongation and opening voids. SpineCor® uses compressive forces. To learn more about SpineCor® from a media presentation in Canada, go here.

Bracing should be in accordance with the individual patient circumstances and each scoliosis brace should offer the maximum potential in-brace corrections.

In-brace corrections and the potential for improvement of scoliosis is the very reason we are so enthusiastic about the Cheneau Gensingen® scoliosis brace for adolescents with scoliosis. This newest Cheneau brace offers a high degree of in-brace corrections, consistently, for better long-term outcomes and other numerous benefits.

Scoliosis is not a one-size-fits all condition. Each patient should be treated individually, according to curve-pattern. At Scoliosis 3DC℠, that is our approach. If your child has a symmetrical brace or another brace offering adequate in-brace corrections, and comfort, then we think that’s great. We won’t recommend a change unless you are interested, but we do recommend that you help your child learn how to integrate Schroth therapy and fast if your child is still growing or has the potential for significant growth.

Learning the Schroth Method Boston:

Coming to Boston to learning the German method of scoliosis exercise is not something that can be accomplished in a few hours, or in a group setting over the course of a weekend. For patients with moderate or severe scoliosis, our program consists of a comprehensive examination and 20 hours of  one-to-one instruction. A proper Schroth program, for yourself or your child, requires time, energy and resources. We respect that commitment and believe you deserve the best, most knowledgeable and personally committed instructors.

Dr. Marc Moramarco – the best choice for Schroth Method exercise instruction. He:

  • is incredibly knowledgeable about scoliosis exercise and has twenty-seven years experience treating the spine
  • has scoliosis, is the parent of two grown children with scoliosis – he understands what it’s like to be the parent of an adolescent diagnosed with scoliosis
  • is a DC, trained in radiology, and exercise rehabilitation
  • is a tireless advocate for conservative care
  • is passionate about the Schroth Method because it enabled him to help his own daughter halt/reverse curve progression and avoid scoliosis surgery
  • is dedicated to helping you, or your child, manage scoliosis, prevent curve progression through spinal stabilization, reduce pain and improve quality of life
  • is experienced – he has been using the Schroth method since 2002, and was the first US practitioner certified at the Askelpios Katharina Schroth Clinic in Germany
  • is in regular contact with the Schroth family and currently collaborating on several projects
  • travels to Germany annually to stay current
  • considers Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss a mentor, and has studied with Axel Hennes-senior physiotherapist at the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Clinic and Dr. Manuel Rigo, Barcelona, Spain
  • has designed a comprehensive program with the most up-to-date innovations in exercise and bracing for scoliosis in the U.S.
  • will provide the skills needed to halt progression or manage scoliosis over the course of a lifetime, all in an outpatient setting
  • includes Schroth Best Practice® instruction for the most complete program available
  • creates a customized plan for each unique curve
  • has a proven track record of helping adolescents and adults
  • is committed to helping each patient achieve mastery, but keeps it light-hearted and fun at the same time
  • offers an intensive scoliosis outpatient program over six days
  • creates a customized DVD that you’ll find to be an invaluable reference of your complete program

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