“We began our scoliosis journey in January 2016 when it was discovered during a routine annual physical. After consulting with an orthopedist we were told it was a mild curve and to “watch and wait.” Six months later the curve had increased slightly by a few degrees and again we were told to “watch and wait.” At our next appointment, the curve had increased by 10 degrees and the orthopedist recommended immediate bracing. Our son was fitted for a brace by NOPCO at Boston Children’s Hospital Waltham and we waited five weeks for the brace to arrive. The brace adjustment took two hours and was painful for my son. The brace was very large, rigid and hot. We were told to break it in over the next several weeks and to closely watch his skin. My son was unable to tolerate the brace for longer than an hour at a time. It left his skin with deep grooves and extremely red irritated skin. He also had a hard time breathing in it and refused to wear it. I contacted NOPCO and was told I would have to come back in again when they had an appointment available and see if the brace could be adjusted again, if not, they would have to order a new brace. Having already waited five weeks for the initial brace and feeling it was going to bring my son additional discomfort, we looked for another solution and found Dr. Moramarco.

Dr. Marc immediately fit us into his schedule that Saturday for the initial fitting for a Gensingen Brace. The following Saturday we returned for Dr. Marc to make adjustments. He worked for an hour and a half making several tweaks so the brace fit perfectly without any discomfort. The brace itself was ½ the size of the one we received from NOPCO, it was more flexible, did not sweat and was lightweight. There was no break-in period required and my son slept through the night with it on the first night. He has been faithfully wearing the brace to bed every night for the past 10 months and I could not be more pleased with the results. Unlike other braces where the goal is to halt the curve, the Gensingen Brace can actually correct. Our son’s curve was 16 degrees at its initial diagnosis and had increased to 28 degrees at the time he was fitted by Dr. Marc. We just went for an out of brace x-ray and the curve is now 13 degrees!! We couldn’t be more pleased with the result of the brace. But equally as important is Dr. Marc and his staff. They are truly amazing and treat you as if you are part of their family. You will not find a more caring man who loves what he does – helping people and making a huge impact in their lives.”

What Scoliosis 3DC® Patients Are Saying

A Friend in Our Battle

“We had hoped for an improvement of a few degrees at best, but this improvement left us stunned. Marc’s knowledge, encouragement and support have given our son the tools to succeed in his battle against scoliosis.” Read More

A True Gift

“Your dedication and commitment to each of your clients is unique only to you and your staff. My wish is for all with scoliosis to know about your program and in turn giving them a much needed alternative to surgery.”” Read More

Most Helpful & Best Caring Doctor

“I want to thank a lot of people for helping me…but mostly Dr. Marc for being so supportive…and just the most helpful and best caring doctor I have ever had. I don’t know what i would have gone through or done if i hadn’t gone to him.” Read More