• 13-year-old female
  • Initial Cobb angles 31º/34º
  • Risser 3

Here’s another California girl who experienced progression in a SpineCor brace. In fact, while wearing the SpineCor her in-brace x-ray showed absolutely no correction/change in scoliosis. TW was already a Risser 3 when she and her mom decided she should make the switch to a Chêneau-Gensingen brace. Contrastingly, she experienced an excellent in-brace correction in the Chêneau-Gensingen brace! After recognizing the value of the S3DC program, mom and daughter returned to Boston a few months later so TW could participate in our Schroth Best Practice® program.

Today, this patient’s skeletal maturity is estimated as Risser 4 and her out-of-brace Cobb angles now measure 22º and 23º – a 9º and 11º scoliosis reduction!

What Scoliosis 3DC Patients Are Saying

Making a Huge Impact

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the result of the brace. But equally as important is Dr. Marc and his staff. They are truly amazing and treat you as if you are part of their family. You will not find a more caring man who loves what he does – helping people and making a huge impact in their lives.” Read More

A True Gift

“Your dedication and commitment to each of your clients is unique only to you and your staff. My wish is for all with scoliosis to know about your program and in turn giving them a much needed alternative to surgery.”” Read More