“Our twelve year old daughter was diagnosed with a twenty-three degree scoliosis curve by an orthopedist in July 2012. The only treatment her doctor prescribed was a hard brace to be worn at night. When I asked the doctor what else can be done that can be helpful (for example, exercises) she quickly told us that “we do not believe in exercises. Your daughter should wear the night brace until maturation. The brace will not fix the existing curve, however, it may prevent the curve from progression. If the curve will exceed thirty degrees, your daughter will have to wear a twenty-four hour brace. We will check her every three months.” She assured us that we were “far” from the possibility of spinal surgery, and that there was no need to worry.

I was never more scared in my life. How could I not possibly worry, with my daughter’s spine at risk for surgery in the future? I felt powerless and helpless. I wanted to scream for help. I was born and raised in Europe, with moderate scoliosis myself, which was diagnosed at age fourteen. I remember the treatment that my doctor prescribed, which was to do special exercises including a bar wall, balance balls, and wooden sticks. I could not accept the thought to do nothing and “watch and wait”. So, I started to search for alternative treatments for scoliosis. When I came across Dr. Moramarco’s website, I read it all at once, and I knew it was the answer. It was a Saturday morning when I left the message to the doctors office. We were amazed at the immediate response from the office. In the same day, I was already talking to Dr. Moramarco and his wife, Kathy. Kathy created a schedule that was convenient for us, including the weekend. That way our daughter would miss less days in school. I was so amazed at his self less-ness, his willingness to give up his weekend for us.

When my daughter and I first met Dr. Marc at his office, we immediately felt a connection. He’s a wonderful and kind human being. Only after a few minutes of conversation, we felt like we were talking with an old, good friend, one who provided us with comfort and inspiration. One week of training with Dr. Marc was an incredible experience for us. When you work with Dr. Marc, you will find that he is highly professional and knowledgeable, however, genuinely caring and compassionate. The sessions required very hard work. While I watched Dr. Marc teach my daughter her routines, I admired his patience and his positive thinking. His lessons were intense but fun, filled with lots of jokes and funny stories. You can see the Dr. Marc truly understands and loves to work with children.

After one week of training with Dr. Moramarco, we left for home, feeling prepared to practice Schroth. However, on the trip home, we also brought back hope. After three months of practicing Schroth, my daughter’s x-ray showed a decrease in her curve from 23 to 21 degrees. We are very happy and excited to see a positive result. We realize that it’s been only three months of practicing Schroth, yet our daughter still has a long road ahead of herself. However, we know we are going in the right direction.

We cannot thank Dr. Moramarco enough for everything he has done for our daughter. In that time, when most orthopedic doctors chose not to believe in Schroth technique, you, Dr. Marc, actually dedicated your life to help scoliosis patients, to improve their health, quality of mind, and life. God bless you for that.”

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