“During two years of living with the orthopedic recommendation of “wait and see” as our 17 year old daughter’s curves progressed with each visit, I spent countless hours researching scoliosis, the different types of braces, yoga, and the Schroth Method of dealing with scoliosis. It became apparent to me that Schroth was the method upon which we might find hope to avoiding surgery  While researching for a competent practitioner I came upon scoliosis3dc.com and Dr. Marc Moramarco. Having reviewed the website, I surmised that Dr. Marc’s knowledge of scoliosis and the Schroth Method were in line with our hopes for helping our daughter.  I contacted the Schroth Clinic in Germany who wrote back assuring me that Dr. Marc was a competent, certified Schroth practitioner. I felt compelled to give him a call. In a very amenable manner, Dr. Marc discussed the details of his program with me and answered all of my questions. I requested client references from Dr. Marc which were made readily available. Knowing that the Schroth Method is very much a hands-on therapy, I was a bit concerned about the possibility of discomfort my daughter might feel. Having spoken with these references about that and the methods and practices utilized by Dr. Marc and the results they had achieved, I was confident that my daughter would be comfortable and I was ready to trust my instincts that he would be able to help her, too.

Feeling as though time was of the essence after being told by the orthopedist that  our daughter still had minimal growth left, our goal was to get her the therapy she needed as quickly as possible. Additionally, we hoped to have her complete the training during a week when she would not miss any school which was problematic as we would be travelling to the office from Long Island, New York. Dr. Marc’s wife, Kathy, did her best to accommodate us by putting together a schedule for the week after Christmas. This required that Dr. Marc work with us at odd hours and even on the day he was scheduled to fly out of town to visit with relatives for the holidays.

Upon first meeting Dr. Marc at his office, my husband, myself and our daughter, felt an immediate connection.  His kind and warm demeanor and his endearing sense of humor put us all at ease. The sessions to follow the rest of the week continued to instill in us all, the feeling that we were on to something very positive for our daughter.  Her level of comfort and the connection Dr. Marc was able to achieve, helped her to be open to learning about her specific scoliosis and more importantly, what she needs to do to manage it. His enthusiasm and excitement at her progress made us feel as though he felt he were helping his own daughter achieve success. Dr. Marc was also able to impress upon her how important it is to maintain good posture and how to handle other activities of daily living to avoid feeding into the scoliosis. The exercises and methods Dr. Marc has taught her to manage her scoliosis, have given her hope and a sense of empowerment.

We left with enough of the exercise equipment and detailed instructions needed to properly perform the exercises at home. The entire program was documented in digital photos with written directions for performing the routine, and a DVD of our daughter performing her exercises while Dr. Marc describes them in detail with emphasis on proper performance. Because of her connection to and respect for Dr. Marc and his knowledge, my daughter has been performing her exercises routine religiously since we returned home over one month ago. She stands tall with the confidence that she now has the power and knowledge to manage her scoliosis and we have a sense of relief at having selected a caring, knowledgeable practitioner.”

What Scoliosis 3DC® Patients Are Saying

Amazing Benefits Provided

“Then my mom found out about the Schroth method and Dr. Moramarco. Being an athlete and health enthusiast, the possibility of improving my spine health and overall posture was exciting.” Read More

Best Experience I’ve Had

“Working with Dr. Marc was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had with a doctor. I love going there, and doing Schroth improved my scoliosis from 25 degrees in August 2011, to 17 degrees in November the same year. Who can argue with that?” Read More

Almost Total Reduction of Pain

“We are so happy and relieved by the incredible progress S. has made and the almost total reduction of his pain! We are committed to having him continue under your expert care! We can’t thank you enough.” Read More