May 19, 2011

Hello from the SOSORT meeting in Barcelona. I am very glad to be here. Barcelona is a city I’ve wanted to visit for ages. I can see there is a lot to fit in between meetings and seeing the city.

My intention is to post short updates/synopsis on select presentations that may be of interest to patients.

So far the agenda has been related to issues focused on quality of life for scoliosis patients.

•Assessment of stress of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients while wearing the brace

Based on the Bad Sobernheim questionnaire. To be included in this study patients had to have worn the brace for at least two months. The mean Cobb angle was 34º.

Conclusions: Adolescent patients felt increased stress when wearing the brace because it increased stress regarding appearance affecting self image. However, wearing the brace decreased stress around family and close friends.

Patients who have worn a brace: Do you agree or disagree?

•Importance of team to increase compliance in adolescent spinal deformities brace treatment: a cross-sectional study of two different settings

The conclusions: team is very important

Another interesting fact: Incidence of eating disorders lower among the adolescent scoliosis population.

More later.

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