July 19, 2016

Aside from ongoing patient care, here’s a quick update on other Scoliosis 3DC® happenings for the this spring and summer.

In late April, Dr. Marc and Maksym Borysov, PT, CPO, conducted the first U.S. training course for the Chêneau Gensingen bracing system. The attending orthotists spent five action-packed days learning about the principles behind the Chêneau bracing concept, the Gensingen brace and the Schroth method. Each orthotist received training in the Christa Lehnert-Schroth Augmented Classifications, learned the 3D scanning system we use to measure for the brace and spent time custom-fitting braces and making brace adjustments for our patients who elected to participate.

Chêneau Gensingen Scoliosis Brace Providers, N.A.

The attendees were quite impressed with how the brace design pushes the limits of scoliosis bracing beyond anything they had previously experienced. As a result of the course, we are happy to report that the Gensingen Brace® is now available at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Hawaii and at two private clinics in Toronto. Click here for information on those practitioners.

With mid-May came another training course – an advanced course for Schroth Best Practice® practitioners who were certified last year. Dr. Moramarco and Amy Heller conducted the course. In attendance were Marc Mossuto, DC from California, Sonje Mayo, PT from Nashville, TN, and our Danish friends, Pernile Wied, PT and Lisa Elliott, PT. Everyone left invigorated and excited about treating scoliosis using the newest Schroth method techniques!

Schroth Best Practice® Practitioners learn the most up-to-date Schroth techniques and get hands-on training from Dr. Moramarco and Amy.

Just a couple of days later, Dr. Marc boarded a plane for Germany for a four-day meeting with Dr. Weiss and other international members of the Schroth Best Practice® Academy Board. The focus was advanced learning and continued improvements regarding the Gensingen Bracing System.

Schroth Best Practice® Academy Board Members meet in Germany

Finally, in mid-June, Dr. Marc went to California to fulfill a longtime promise he’s been making to his West Coast patients–semi-regular visits to check-in with them. While there, he saw patients, from LA, San Diego and Las Vegas who had previously traveled to Boston for Schroth instruction and/or a brace. He did brace adjustments on several adolescents and also one adult. We are happy to report that everyone is doing exceptionally well. Dr. Marc hopes to spend a day or two in California each quarter. His next trip out west will most likely be in the late fall of 2016.

Summer is off to a busy start. So far, other than our Boston area patients we’ve seen kids and/or adults from all over Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, California, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Arkansas, Illinois, Florida, Maine, Ontario, Bermuda and Grand Cayman for Schroth instruction and/or bracing. In the next few weeks we will be welcoming patients from North Carolina, Japan, Hong Kong, and Canada for follow-ups, as well as a new patients from South Africa, Nigeria and Texas.

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