Scoliosis Information for Kids

We get it – having scoliosis stinks. Getting diagnosed can be confusing and scary, but we are here to help. Our scoliosis information for kids below offers tips for dealing with scoliosis.

Things You Should Know About Having Scoliosis

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    When you have scoliosis, reach out to your friends for support. Good friends will always have your back!

    Having scoliosis isn’t as scary as it seems but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something about it. Starting treatment early is your best bet, but we offer Schroth exercises and the Gensingen brace® for kids with almost any Cobb angle.

  • Scoliosis is common. At least 3 million people in the U.S. have it. Other kids at your school may have it and you may not even know it.
  • Scoliosis is nothing to be ashamed of. Trying to hide it may only make you feel worse. Be open with your friends – their support may surprise you. Having a sense of humor about it also helps.
  • Everyone’s comfort level is different. If you are concerned about your appearance and need tips for dressing with scoliosis, or what to wear with a scoliosis brace, please link here.
  • If you have a brace, wear it for the recommended number of hours. You may not like it now but you will thank yourself later. Studies show that the more hours you wear a scoliosis brace, the more likely it is to work.
  • There are things you can do to try and control scoliosis. If surgery is recommended, please know that it’s a personal choice and not an easy or quick fix. Scoliosis is a lifetime condition that requires monitoring and management, even if you do have surgery.
  • There’s no reason to think you can’t live a fun, long, healthy and active life with scoliosis. For example, Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, has scoliosis. Actress Shailene Woodley has scoliosis too, and she rocks the red carpet with low back dresses.

Learning to manage scoliosis early is the key. Exercises for scoliosis have been around in Europe for a long time, and people in the US are finally catching on to the benefits of the Schroth method. For some kids with scoliosis, bracing may be required. Wearing a brace can be tough at times, but remember that it is temporary, and that it is best way to help prevent curve progression until you are finished growing.

improve scoliosis
This teenage girl participated in our Schroth exercise program and wears a Cheneau Gensingen brace. She greatly improved the look of her scoliosis and her Cobb angle decreased (see X-rays below).
scoliosis results
Same patient as seen in photos above.

Some days may get rocky but keep in mind that no one cares about you like your parents do. They only want to try and help you prevent or manage your scoliosis and make sure you don’t ever have to have surgery. The methods we use are the friendliest way possible to manage scoliosis – for you and your body. We can teach you what you need to know to have the best outcome, long-term.

When you are here for our program:

  • Dr. Marc, Amy and Kim will teach you and encourage you. They will help you understand everything you need to successfully manage your scoliosis.
  • They will do their best to make it fun and make you feel comfortable.
  • You will get resources (book & video) of you doing your program so you have a complete understanding of what you need to do when you get home.
  • If you get a brace, it will be fit so that it is the best possible combo of effective and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because they are here to help you!
  • They will ease your fears and help you realize that you are not a victim of scoliosis.

After the program:

  • scoliosis information for kidsDo the work! Pay attention to how you sit and stand. Incorporate your exercises regularly and wear your brace (if applicable).
  • Your parents may nag you about your brace and exercise, but remember that they only want the best for you.
  • Some kids choose to join a support network with other kids who do our program (optional).
  • Check in with us to let us know about your progress. We are rooting for you!
  • It’s not always easy, but having a good attitude can take you far.
  • Own your scoliosis, it’s part of what makes you, you!

What Kids and Parents Say about Our Program

“I did everything Dr. Marc taught me and I was able to wear the prom dress of my dreams and feel good about myself!”
– Courtney

“I haven’t missed a day of my scoliosis exercises and I reduced my curve. No one at my other doctor’s office could believe it.”
– Abbey

“I am glad to do the exercises. I could tell my clothes started to fit better.”
– Ashley

10 Good Things About My Cheneau-Gensingen Brace & Schroth Program At Scoliosis3DC”
‘1. I got some new clothes.
2. If someone tries to punch me I’m pretty sure they’ll get hurt more than me
3. Going sightseeing in Boston.
4. Getting to Meet Amy who is very helpful, awesome, good at explaining things, and super nice.
5. Getting to meet Dr. Marc who is patient, nice, smart, and very positive.
6. The extra layers keep me warm.
7. The brace is a lot more comfortable than I expected.
8. Getting an explanation about scoliosis that I can understand.
9. It’ll help my scoliosis improve.
10. Meeting all the helpful and friendly staff at Scoliosis3DC.’
– Emma

To Dr. Marc, I give all the credit for helping me with my back, and giving me back my confidence. His proactive approach to my problem allowed me to get results, minimize discomfort, and feel empowered.”
– Sam (To read more about Sam’s scoliosis story, click here.)

“[Amanda] was taught that she had control over what was happening which greatly diminished the anxiety she had about having scoliosis. She was encouraged to ask as many questions as she needed without feeling rushed or embarrassed. I can honestly say that I felt that Amanda’s happiness and physical wellbeing was very important to everyone in the office. She will be able to manage [scoliosis] into the future with the courage and confidence she has gained through the process. Amanda has taken control and responsibility for her treatment because she has been given this knowledge and confidence to do so.”
– Jessica (and her daughter Amanda)

scoliosis information for kids
Always remember, you have scoliosis, it doesn’t have you.

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