January 24, 2019
tlso brace training, cheneau brace for scoliosis
Cheneau-Gensingen Brace Providers. From left to right: Marc Moramarco, DC; Amy Heller, OTR/L; Brian Lee CPO; Calli Clark, CPO; Ray Diaz, CO.

The Cheneau-Gensingen provider network is expanding! Our most recent TLSO brace training course adds three highly regarded orthotists to the Scoliosis Bracing Innovations family of scoliosis brace practitioners. Calli Clark (Director of O & P at Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia, PA) and Ray Diaz, CO and Brian Lee, CPO (both of Collier O & P of Northern California) were certified to provide the Cheneau-Gensingen TLSO brace.

Marc Moramarco, DC and Amy Heller, OTR/L, of Scoliosis 3DC®, ran the course and were joined by orthotist Ken Mandler, LCO of Shriner’s Hospital in Honolulu. As the first US orthotist to be certified in the Cheneau-Gensingen Brace (GBW) in early 2016, Ken added his brace fitting expertise and insights for course attendees. 

The course began with an overview of the Schroth method. As the nation’s premier Schroth Method expert, Dr. Moramarco contends that in order to be proficient at Cheneau bracing practitioners must understand the various Schroth curve patterns according to the Augmented Lehnert-Schroth classifications. This enables Cheneau-Gensingen brace practitioners to understand the nuances of 3D bracing and help their patients achieve optimal fit for maximum comfort and correction. 

The Cheneau-Gensingen TLSO brace is fully compatible with the most current Schroth method protocols. It is the only Cheneau scoliosis brace designed and approved by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss – third generation Schroth family expert. Each brace is designed to provide advantages over other Cheneau TLSOs, none of which possess the benefits of standardization.

Each Gensingen brace is produced via CAD/CAM technology according to 3D curve-pattern-specific principles. Gensingen braces are made of a lightweight modified polyethylene using the least material possible. As a result, these asymmetric braces are more lightweight and comfortable to wear than other braces. Patients also appreciate the front closure for greater independence. Most importantly, Gensingen braces are designed to provide the best possible in-brace correction for improved outcomes at the conclusion of treatment.

The Gensingen system was created to safeguard that all braces are created according to the highest standards of scoliosis bracing. The Gensingen brace library has been in active development for many years (the predecessor brace was the “Cheneau Light”) and the library is constantly updated and improved based on the feedback of its international practitioner network. This ensures that each TLSO brace produced is state-of-the-art.

Brace course attendees noted that they appreciated the high quality of the course content and that the course was kept small for maximum impact. Several patients were fitted with braces of varying curve patterns for practical hands-on-experience. Dr. Moramarco will periodically offer bracing courses to grow the Cheneau-Gensingen scoliosis brace provider network and fulfill his vision of offering patients access to the best nonsurgical scoliosis care options. 

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