Brace Fitting Process

Being fit for the Chêneau Gensingen® brace is relatively easy compared to methods used in the past for scoliosis bracing. There are no plaster castings or excessive measurements involved because we use 360º 3D scanning technology for data acquisition and visual imaging of each patient’s trunk.

3D Scoliosis Brace Scans
This image captured is sent to Dr. Weiss in Germany. He creates every brace according to each patient’s individual curve pattern from his extensive Gensingen CAD library, producing a 3D design perfectly sized for each patient. The custom 3D file is returned and the brace is fabricated here in the U.S.. With proper scheduling, the entire process from scanned measurements to the first brace fitting can be accomplished in about 24 hours or so.

The brace is delivered and custom fitting begins. Typically, the brace can be fit in only a few hours total, but each patient is different. Our goal is to get the brace to fit at a comfort level that allows the patient to sleep in it after the initial fitting. One benefit of the Gensingen brace is that it typically has a short break-in period, but if a patient sleeps in it for a few hours the first night it is helpful. The next day the patient provides feedback and additional brace adjustments are made to improve comfort and effect. Occasionally two fittings are all it takes, but in most instances a third fitting is necessary for minor adjustments. Our capability for fast turnaround ensures a growing adolescent can be braced quickly to eliminate risk for progression.

We recommend families from out of town or out of country be in the Boston area for four days for the entire process. So far, Dr. Weiss and Dr. Moramarco are extremely pleased with in-brace results. Kids are finding the brace easily wearable which helps to improve compliance. In-brace x-rays have been excellent and when kids see their in-brace corrections they find it motivational. Many kids have also been relieved to find that the Gensingen brace is more comfortable than other braces they have worn in the past.

scoliosis brace, cheneau brace vs boston brace

As observed in the scans above, the Cheneau Gensingen brace is not merely a compressive brace like others, but a 3D asymmetric scoliosis brace that works to improve posture and shift the scoliosis curve toward midline. The above patient has a moderately severe scoliosis, but the Cheneau Gensingen brace is the best choice for curves of almost any size – mild, moderate, and severe spinal curves!

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