“When we first contacted Marc, we were looking for somebody who was knowledgeable about Schroth exercises and with an office in the New Jersey area near our home. My inquiring email was answered that day by Marc. His rate of response impressed me immediately.

Marc offered to have a telephone conference with us. At first I was a little skeptical and suspicious. I just didn’t know what to expect and why this chiropractor in Boston would care about my son in New Jersey. My son, my husband and I participated in this introductory conference call. We were immediately comfortable speaking with Marc. We asked lots of questions about him, his background and Schroth. Marc answered everything and told us much more about the program than we imagined we could ask about. We finished that phone call encouraged and felt that we had an ally in our battle against scoliosis. We made a plan to visit Marc for the week long training in Schroth.

When we first met Marc at his office, he was warm, welcoming and funny. He connected immediately with our son by finding out what his interests are and including them in conversation. He kept my husband and me included in all the training he did with our son by explaining the why of what he was teaching our son. Marc encouraged questions and never made us feel as if anything we asked or wanted explained was too trivial. After a week of training with Marc, we felt the three of us were well prepared to take the exercises home, and our son was completely capable to practice them on his own. We also felt that we had a friend in our battle against scoliosis.

Doing the exercises at home was easy at first because we came home with the enthusiasm Marc had instilled in us. As a few months went by, our son started slacking off. I phoned Marc about it, and he spent time talking with me about what was going on and why our son might have lost his drive. He called our son the next day and gave him a pep talk without scolding him. It was the encouragement our son needed to get back into the exercises.

Our son was diagnosed with scoliosis by an orthopedist in January, 2011. His curve at that time was 24°. At his follow up appointment in May, his curve was 25°. We saw Marc for training in August. After doing the exercises for 3 ½ months, a follow up appointment with the orthopedist in December showed our son’s curve was reduced to 17°. We had hoped for an improvement of a few degrees at best, but this improvement left us stunned. The effort of spending a week in Boston training with Marc and encouraging our son to keep up his exercises every day had most certainly shown results! Marc’s knowledge, encouragement and support have given our son the tools to succeed in his battle against scoliosis.”

What Scoliosis 3DC® Patients Are Saying

Such a Huge Improvement

“This is such a huge improvement over the past year. Her brace is still fitting very well. We are so very thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with you and the entire staff” Read More

Rotation and symmetry has improved significantly…

We identified Dr. Marc Moramarco in Boston is THE expert in this field!…Dr. Marc’s expertise and his passion to patients along with the entire team of the friendly staff, especially Amy and Kim…My daughter’s rotation and symmetry has improved significantly, and we know our daughter is in good hands… would highly recommend him! Read More


I am excited about what I’m learning and the possibilities of reclaiming parts of my life that I thought were gone because of the scoliosis.  Thank you so much. Read More