Our recent German trip included a productive two-day visit with Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss. We spent quite a bit of time discussing scoliosis treatment and bracing. Kathy and I had the pleasure of shadowing as he saw patients, primarily for check-ups or fitting of the Gensingen Brace™. His commitment to a more tolerable and effective brace for conservative scoliosis treatment is apparent.

We learned firsthand of his bracing successes as demonstrated by in -brace X-rays, photos, and hearing of results directly from his patients.

We also had several opportunities to observe measurements and fittings required for bracing, for juvenile and adolescent scoliosis patients, and to learn firsthand the hows and whys of proper brace fit. We also met with the orthotists creating the braces and they provided insight into brace making allowing us to observe as they created a brace.

About the Gensingen Brace™

The Gensingen is the newest TLSO brace based upon Chêneau principles and:

  • is an asymmetric brace
  • strives for overcorrection
  • addresses scoliosis in 3-Dimensions
  • is for all curve-patterns
  • allows for corrective breathing (expansion) into the concavities
  • is less bulky than current scoliosis braces. Less material means improved comfort and the ability to conceal more easily under clothing compared to other braces. These features translate into improved patient compliance.
  • is compatible with Schroth-based exercise principles and Scoliologic® ADL’s for the management of scoliosis using the augmented Lehnert-Schroth classifications.

As always, our deepest gratitude and thanks go out to Dr. Weiss for sharing his extensive knowledge and generosity during our German visits.

What Scoliosis 3DC® Patients Are Saying

Correction Has Been Remarkable

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My Life Saver

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