Chêneau Gensingen Features

Chêneau brace in U.S. and Canada from Dr. Weiss

Schroth Method brace – the Chêneau Gensingen® by Weiss (GBW)

  • Scoliosis TLSO in 3D: addresses the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.
  • Asymmetric design for overcorrection offers best potential for scoliosis curve reduction.
  • CAD/CAM standardization according to curve-pattern offers the best custom fit due to bracing technician variance.
  • Schroth method compatible–from Germany by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss–a bracing master. A technologically advanced brace offering the benefit of his decades of experience with scoliosis.
  • 95%+ effective at halting progression but ultimately aims for reduction for adolescents.
  • Aims to reduce rib prominence, an improved postural appearance.
  • Potential to improve mild and moderate curves significantly (when fit during growth).
  • In-brace corrections consistently in the 30 – 60% correction range, some are better which contributes to the potential for curve reduction at the conclusion of bracing.
  • Unlike other braces, our brace can offer help for those with severe scoliosis – Cobb angles of 40º, 45º and 50º and higher, a viable alternative to surgery.
  • Less material, lighter and easier to wear for a better bracing experience with improved compliance.
  • 3D scanning technology used for exacting measurements.
  • Voids (openings or holes) allow for breathing and expansion into concavities to reduce rotation so “Every breath is a corrective breath.”
  • Patients prefer the Chêneau-Genisingen® for comfort & the ability to breathe more easily.
  • Closes in front rather than in the back. It’s easier for kids (and adults) to manage independently.
  • Bracing and scoliosis specific exercise (SSE) at one location means a less stressful, more efficient experience for kids. Offered for the U.S. in Boston by a Schroth Method expert, an effective two-pronged approach for proven successful scoliosis management.
  • Best brace for fighting scoliosis progression. Designed in Germany by Dr. Weiss & manufactured in the U.S. all with a 3 to 4 day turnaround  from scan to final fitting.
  • Dr. Moramarco has been personally trained by Dr. Weiss and several German orthotists.
  • Results enhanced when used with Schroth Best Practice®.
  • Each brace strives for curve improvement. Each successive brace offers the potential for an improved outcome (the earlier bracing starts, the better the prognosis for a scoliosis).
  • Addresses pain in adults, helps support and stabilize the spine to avoid scoliosis progression in adulthood.