In recent weeks, of my adolescent scoliosis patients, three have confirmed cases of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) (siblings and another) and one other has a suspected connective tissue disorder, possibly EDS. With this coincidence, I thought a blog about Ehlers-Danlos accompanied by scoliosis in order. EDS is a fairly rare genetic disorder, classified according to type… Read More

Scoliosis bracing is controversial and will continue to be even though the recently published results of the long awaited trial known as BrAIST concludes that bracing is effective (1). Here’s the overview and a few impressions. The BrAIST study was conducted at multiple scoliosis clinics across the U.S. and Canada and included 242 participants with adolescent… Read More

It is that time of year again when school and organized sports kick in to high gear. While these extra-curricular activities are of the highest priority for an adolescent and families, dare I say there is one thing of even greater importance: health and long-term well-being. This time of the year finds me frustrated. We are barely into… Read More

Updated, Mar 13, 2019. We have been involved in Schroth exercise for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis since 2002. The following post summarizes an important study on Schroth exercise that was published a few years back.  This valuable study, entitled, ‘The efficacy of Schroth’s 3-dimensional exercise therapy in the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in Turkey’ is… Read More

What Scoliosis 3DC Patients Are Saying

Better Brace

From a mother of our scoliosis patient who is wearing the Cheneau-Gensingen® brace: “She is tolerating the brace she got in Boston much better than she ever tolerated the Boston brace. :-)” Read More

Most Helpful & Best Caring Doctor

“I want to thank a lot of people for helping me…but mostly Dr. Marc for being so supportive…and just the most helpful and best caring doctor I have ever had. I don’t know what i would have gone through or done if i hadn’t gone to him.” Read More

Continues to Help Every Day

“I came to see Marc about a year and a half ago to learn the Schroth Method. It continues to help me every day, and I’m SO glad I had the opportunity to work with him.” Read More