What are the long-term effects of scoliosis?

When a child is newly diagnosed with AIS, it’s only natural for parents to wonder about the long-term effects of scoliosis. In this blog, we’ll summarize what the research shows and what we’ve seen in our practice.

Best shirt to wear under a scoliosis brace?

Scoliosis bracing can present parents and patients with a few challenges. One of those is finding the the best shirt to wear under a scoliosis brace. This post will offer a few options to get you started.

The Physiologic brace® for thoracolumbar kyphosis

The Physiologic brace® is a sagittal re-alignment brace for thoracolumbar kyphosis and lumbar kyphosis. It addresses back pain and spinal instability and is only available at Scoliosis 3DC in the US.

Scoliosis Bracing Trip to California and Hawaii

Dr. Marc just concluded a trip related to scoliosis bracing to California and Hawaii. While in LA, he saw patients from as far as Colorado, Utah, San Francisco, Orange County and San Diego. In Hawaii, he visited Shiners Hospital and met with orthotist, Ken Mandler, a Chêneau-Gensingen Brace® provider.

Scoliosis Bracing: Customization is Key

The Gensingen Brace is a 3D scoliosis brace offering compliant patients with AIS the potential for spinal improvement. Each brace is Schroth method compatible and is available in the US & Canada for full-time or nighttime wear.