Postural Improvements

schroth method results, scoliosis before and after

Postural Improvement after 8 months of Schroth Best Practice®


scoliosis before and after, scoliosis improvement

Postural Improvement after 1 year of consistent scoliosis-specific exercise (Schroth Best Practice) and wearing the Cheneau-Gensingen brace.


scoliosis before and after, schroth method results

This 13-year-old scoliosis patient achieved a significant Cobb angle improvement in less than one year since starting her Schroth Best Practice® program and wearing the Gensingen brace she got at Scoliosis 3DC.


improve scoliosis, scoliosis before and after

This 11 year old girl with mild/moderate scoliosis has reduced her Cobb angle and also experienced postural improvement (pelvis is closer to midline and shoulders are more balanced).


scoliosis before and after, improve scoliosis

Boy with scoliosis experiences postural improvement after 6 months of Schroth exercise and wearing the Cheneau-Gensingen brace.


Schroth Method improves scoliosis posture

Schroth Method Visual Results


Postural and rib prominence improvement in scoliosis after Schroth Best Practice and the Cheneau-Gensingen Brace.

Postural and rib prominence improvement in scoliosis after Schroth Best Practice® and the Cheneau-Gensingen® Brace.


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Postural improvement after 3 months of Schroth Best Practice®


Alt Text: Cheneau Gensingen back brace improves posture

Improved posture with Chêneau-Gensingen® brace & Schroth Best Practice® techniques. Shoulder level and pelvis have improved and the spine is more balanced.


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Before and After Schroth Method & Cheneau Gensingen®


schroth best practice results, schroth method

The Schroth Best Practice program helped this patient maintain postural improvement over time.