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Marc and Kathy Moramarco of Scoliosis 3DCDr. Marc Moramarco

Dr. Marc is a long-time Boston area chiropractor and international Schroth Method expert. He is a committed practitioner but those with scoliosis hold a special place in his heart to his personal connection to the condition. He has a moderate scoliosis and has two children with scoliosis – one with a significant curvature. He understands the angst a parent experiences when a child is diagnosed, what it is like to watch her (or him) be fitted for a scoliosis brace, what it is like to live with a child wearing that brace, and as an intermittent back-pain sufferer, he is a compassionate caretaker for patients in pain.

Dr. Marc has dedicated the last decade to educating scoliosis patients in order to make a meaningful difference in their lives whether it is for a newly diagnosed adolescent or if scoliosis has been a lifelong struggle. He has had the pleasure of treating and meeting patients and families from all over the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia and beyond, and now count many of them as personal friends.

Kathy Moramarco

Kathy Moramarco helped open Moramarco Chiropractic Office, P.C., in 1987, and has worked behind the scenes ever since.  She was the ideal choice to help as webmaster, blogger and with patient communications when Marc established Scoliosis 3DC in 2007.

She is in regular communication with patients and parents of adolescents with scoliosis: people who are searching for answers just like she and Marc were in 2001. She enjoys helping others learn more about managing scoliosis and understands that families want answers and information, especially about non-surgical alternatives, since in most instances few are ever offered. Kathy wants parents of kids with mild or mildly moderate curves to know that progression can be halted or reversed Schroth Best Practice techniques are introduced early in the process.

Kathy shares Marc’s passion about the Schroth Method and  Gensingen Brace® benefits for adolescents and adults. This is because of the consistently promising results Scoliosis 3DC patients are achieving.

She has collaborated with Marc and Dr. Weiss on several research papers and the Schroth Therapy: Advancements in Conservative Scoliosis Treatment, a new Schroth book released in 2015.

She enjoys traveling, warm climates and visiting their grown children in Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

Kathy and Marc created this blog as a way to share their personal and professional insights and serve as an informative landing place for those looking for help. Their mission is to improve the lives of others with information, or for those who participate in the Scoliosis 3DC program via curve-pattern-specific exercise and effective bracing. Their ongoing dedication is reinforced daily due to consistent positive feedback from patients and families. Marc and Kathy are committed to letting people know about an option that, for years, mainstream medicine refused to acknowledge or reveal, and often still doesn’t.

If you have questions, please call us and one of our team members will answer in a timely manner. Thanks for visiting and best of luck on your scoliosis journey.